Mitrionics presents a high-performance PCIe-board offering.

Mitrionics announce a new hardware platform for the Mitrion Virtual Processor, the MVP PCIe-2x550 board. The MVP PCIe-2x550 board has more than one million LUT-4 equivalents and is created in partnership with FPGA-card manufacturer Rosta (based on the Rosta RSP-529 board).


The board is a PCIe-board that you simply plug into a standard PC. It has dual Xilinx Virtex-6 LX550T-FPGAs and four separate high-speed ZBT SRAM-banks for a total of 36MB RAM. The dual FPGAs give a total of more than one million LUT-4 equivalents, by far making this our fastest plug-in board ever!


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Accelerated Computing

With Mitrion you create custom processors, tailored to the computational core of your applications. The result is radically faster execution using a fraction of the power. With New Mitrion 2.0 this has never been easier. Read More...

Today it is a challenge to meet ever increasing demands for compute performance within power, cooling and server room real estate limitations. With Mitrionics Hybrid Computing solutions, software developers can find relief in energy efficient software acceleration using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology and the Mitrion Virtual Processor .

Hybrid Computing Solutions

Convey HC-1 Server

Mitrionics supplies a number of bundled solutions that combine state-of-the-art hardware from our partners with the Mitrion Software Development Kit and the Mitrion Virtual Processor.

Support and Services

Mitrionics' team of software acceleration experts know the details of FPGA acceleration and parallel programming and are ready to help you make the most of your Mitrion investment. Services include:

Proof-of-concept development
Application development
On-site and on-line training

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